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Success Mantra Insights Story for Business Startup



Vsery Digital Services Pvt. Ltd 

Course: Bachelor of Commerce Year of graduation: 1993 Age of starting business: 37 years Year of inception: 2010 Industry: Mobile Advertising & Internet Technology

Role Models/Mentors. "My role model is N.R. Narayan Murthy. I think he is an exceptional leader. He is humble and has always tirelessly focused on achieving organizational goals. More importantly, I admire him because he has shared the organization's wealth towards the welfare ofPris employees."
online advertising network. He was able to pre-empt what the founders were looking at building and hence joined the company as VP —Network. Shortly after meeting his, (then) future with at Intercept, Dippak decided to move on from the organization to avoid any possible conflict of interest. At the same time Yahoo! approached him for taking up business development. After spending 2 years at Yahoo!, Dippak again witnessed the throttle of a large organization that was attempting to build a new business. This encouraged him to join a start-up called Ma j. At Ma j, he witnessed euphoria and terror and survived both. By then the operating principle of a startup became clearer to him. Dippak has always been intuitive inthe decisions he has made in life, right from his decision to pursue a part time MBA and continue his career with TO1 instead of going for a full time MBA to his decision to become an entrepreneur. Dippak had seen the online advertising world and mobile interne consumer adoption. He could anticipate a massive opportunity by connecting the growing mobile intemet user base, time spent by users on mobile screens, and tons of content creation through mobile apps and realized that there existed a massive mobile advertising market. Combining the market domain and skill match, along with the strong inclination to win and lead, led him to set up Vserv. In 2010, he joined hands with his ex-colleagues from Yahoo! and started working towards building India's leading mobile marketing platform that delivers smart data led results to marketers, app developers, telcos and data partners. With a team of five people and US $150,000, Dippak 
business startup story
business startup story 

Statartup Marketing Platform in January 2010

Khurana and Ashay Padwal launched Vserv, a mobile marketing platform, in January 2010. Initially, Ajay Adiseshann, the founder of Paymate was their angel investor in his personal capacity. It took the co-founders, 14 months to launch their flagship product AppWrapperT. in 2011, a revolutionary developer platform that was designed to be the world's simplest app monetization platform. AppWrapperen helped create global supply and just within 3 months of product launch and a team of just 11 engineers, working out of a small office in Mumbai, Vsery was receiving advertising requests from over 100 countries globally. On the back of this product launch, the company started serving 5 million ad impressions per day. This gave the co-founders the conviction that they could build a global mobile media business. Vsery has 500million+ unique user profiles and a global footprint with offices across USA, UK, South Africa, India, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines & Vietnam.
Message for budding entrepreneurs: "Start young. Get in as early as possible, before you get trapped by conventions. Don't get bound by home loans. If you have a dream, go out and chase it."
The growth of the mobile internet industry in India in the last decade caught their eye. Also, the scale at which the mobile marketing industry was growing both in India and globally, was really something that they wanted to be a part of. As users in emerging markets spend a huge amoum of time on mobile screens, the question was how to shift marketer eyeballs on to mobile and get the medium its fair share in the marketing budget pie. Vsery was founded with the aim to address the unmet requirements of app developers, publishers as well as advertisers. Vserv's co-founders saw that the developers were facing a number of challenges and decided to take a step in order to address these challenges. Hence, Vsery was setup in 2010 in order to make a 

How to Use finding angel investors for Business Startup 

difference to each and every player in the mobile ecosystem in emerging markets. Vserv's goal is to remain the leading mobile marketing platform across emerging markets. The company will continue to innovate and solve the unique challenges that this sector of marketing will face in the future. While every business has challenges, Vsery believed that a strong bonded team can navigate through these difficult times. Hence, the company has always focused on building the right team. Some of the challenges that Vsery faced over the course of its joumey was finding the right talent in a young industry and convincing them to join a fledgling start-up. They also realised that finding angel investors can be a difficult task in India. Besides these, Vsery faced some difficulties in business development as well, given that the mobile was still in its early stages in emerging markets.
Vsery then went on to raise US $2.7 million in Series-A funding from JUG Ventures India in July 2011. The company started seeing an in in the number of users on their marketplace and they were processing large amounts of data to serve the needs of these users. Vsery saw an opportunity for advertisers to leverage their data and launched their ovat DMP AudienceErovff, in 2012. They then received another US$4 million in a Series-B round from Epiphany Overseas Venture India, along with existing investor IDG Ventures India in September 2012. However, forging partnerships with teff o's was not an easy task and after several rounds of discussions, Vsery finally partnered with Airtel in India, which was its first global Telco collaboration. They soon entered into a series of telco partnerships across various markets in Southeast Asia, thereby making it a market leader in data integration with telecom operators. Vserv's latest offering came in early 2015, when the company launched Vsery Aqua Native, which is a dynamic native advertising format powered by the Vsery Smart Data.. platform. Vsery Aqua Native is designed to facilitate seamless experience for consumers on mobile, inclusive of ads.


Success Mantra: "'Being Unreasonable'. I believe in being unreasonable, both with himself and with people around hint. My belief is that everyone has infinite capabilities; it's just that we need to push ourselves to the maximum limit in order to achieve our goals."

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